Rome, New York
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Born from the very foundations of military history, the history of Rome, New York has been one of varied and vast interest. From the early beginnings to the cutting edge of technology, the citizens of Rome have always led the way so to speak. It would be inappropriate for me not to mention the pre-history of our great city as this is what set the stage for the future. I am not an expert and do not claim to be one. This work is the combined effort of years of collecting and research. I originally hoped to publish this as a book, but decided that more people would enjoy this online. When compiling a work like this it is always hard to decide what to add and what to delete. I hope that I have provided you with thorough history of Rome covering the early days to the present era.

Pre-History of Rome, NY French and Indian War Revolutionary War City of Rome 1800-1860
The Civil War Industrial Rome, NY Spanish American War World War I
World War II
Griffiss Air Force Base
Rome Fire Department Rome Police Department
Financial and Postal History Fairs and Expos Sports Teams Assorted History

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